Friday (online) Fun Day

It’s Friday!

It’s summer! 
I’m lazy!

And so, instead of writing anything of value today, I leave with with a comprehensive list of all my favorite Internet finds from this past week. Check these out, and I mean all of them because they are so so good. I’ll be here in bed, snuggling my Kindle and some thin mints while Simeon takes what I hope will be an epically long nap.

On disability:

To make you laugh:

In honor of Father’s Day:

Because these never disappoint and I can’t stop laughing:

If you’re feeling artsy:

  • Check out THIS review of my brother’s band Lulu Mae and their new, awesome-sauce album, Mean River. Then go buy it. And listen to it. And dance in your car.
  • Pregnant with Possibility by Bethany Barton made me want to make something and make it good and make it now. If you’re a creative type, read it. My best friend Tiff shares her space with some fantastic women and she’s also hilarious so after you read Bethany’s post, read all the others too. So fun.

Anything I left out? Do tell…


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    A few people had linked me that Stella Young video, but I hadn’t watched it yet, because I was always on my phone at the time. I had read Stella’s writing before, though, so I’m totally not surprised that I was nodding in agreement the whole time. Thanks for including me! SB Mom Blogger World Takeover, in effect!

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    Wow!!! Stella Young’s Ted Talk is amazing. I love when people with disabilities remind us not to put them on a pedestal. They are just people, just like us. They have talents and flaws, just like us. Thank you so much for sharing, Mary Evelyn!!