Spina Bifida Ultrasound

The most severe type of Spina Bifida

I’m just going to say it: Finding out that your child has spina bifida is super crappy. That’s an understatement, actually. It’s scary and awful and confusing and painful and the all-around pits. It. Sucks. Not because people with spina bifida are scary (they aren’t– unless it’s Halloween and maybe they’re in a goblin costume… 

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Stitch Fix + Rocksbox

I don’t know what summer has been like where you live, but here in the Midwest it’s been… icky. Icky like rain but not the spooky thunderstorm kind of rain– that kind of rain I actually enjoy, especially if I have a book to read or a season of Netflix originals to binge watch. But… 

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Disabilitini: for the highs and lows of disability living

I was going to write about how hard this past week has been. Maybe something sentimental on how being a mother is an ever-changing circle of highs and lows spinning you into infinity. I was going to talk about raising a child with a disability. Maybe something about how our milestones look different and sometimes… 

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Let’s have all the babies

Having a baby makes me want to have another baby, which is bonkers but there it is. Something about how fast they grow at this age, how quickly they change, how every month I’m acutely aware of the passage of time– it all makes me feel a giddy sense of urgency like, “WE NEED TO… 

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Rocksbox unboxing #2 (video)

I got my second Rocksbox in the mail a few weeks back and wanted to share my loot with you nice folks! I have to tell you straight up, I am enjoying this subscription service like a monkey enjoys bananas if banana’s came by post and if monkeys had mailboxes (maybe some monkeys do… I… 

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Three-years-old: a things that go birthday party

A few weeks ago this little guys turned three-years-old. Like, woah. I think I’m releasing my perfect-party-planning tendencies as Simeon ages. Some of you old timers may recall his very first birthday party— the party for which I poured over Pinterest boards in an anxiety-induced hysteria and laid unmoving on the couch all night, mourning… 

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The hard part of easy: when your second child doesn’t have a disability

It hit me on our first night home. I was sitting in bed, a three-day-old baby in my arms, and the heavy hush of evening all around me, when I felt it. It hit me like being woken up from a dream or like a clock chime at midnight or like a broken spell. It… 

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All about them books (a parody for desperate librarians)

I am drowning, you guys. I wish I could say I was drowning in love, or pudding, or a whiskey river– but, no. I’m drowning in overdue notices. Lots and lots of overdue notices. Yes, my friends. It’s that time of year again. The time of year when school librarians prowl the halls, naughty list… 

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Embracing my daughter’s autism, not overcoming it. (Guest Post by Kate Sytsma)

I don’t remember when I met Kate or how we became friends but I know that we are and I know that I’m glad. This lady has such a way with words and her writing is refreshing in its honesty. I’m happy to share her here with you. There I was sitting at my son’s… 

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Rocksbox Unboxing (video)

I’ve never seen myself as much of a jewelry gal. It’s not that I don’t like jewelry, it’s just that the good stuff tends to be expensive so most of what I own comes cheap from second-hand shops or from Target (not that I’m complaining because Target is magic and they have Coke ICEEs so… 

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Kelli and Kaylie

Mothers and Daughters: The Power of Words

  Time for our last Mothers and Daughters guest post. Thank you all for sharing your stories and bringing me a bit of encouragement at the start of my new adventure. This one comes from the lovely Kelli McIntosh, a fellow Ohio gal who I had the pleasure of meeting last summer. Enjoy!    … 

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