All about them books (a parody for desperate librarians)

I am drowning, you guys. I wish I could say I was drowning in love, or pudding, or a whiskey river– but, no. I’m drowning in overdue notices. Lots and lots of overdue notices. Yes, my friends. It’s that time of year again. The time of year when school librarians prowl the halls, naughty list… 

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Embracing my daughter’s autism, not overcoming it. (Guest Post by Kate Sytsma)

I don’t remember when I met Kate or how we became friends but I know that we are and I know that I’m glad. This lady has such a way with words and her writing is refreshing in its honesty. I’m happy to share her here with you. There I was sitting at my son’s… 

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Rocksbox Unboxing (video)

I’ve never seen myself as much of a jewelry gal. It’s not that I don’t like jewelry, it’s just that the good stuff tends to be expensive so most of what I own comes cheap from second-hand shops or from Target (not that I’m complaining because Target is magic and they have Coke ICEEs so… 

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Kelli and Kaylie

Mothers and Daughters: The Power of Words

  Time for our last Mothers and Daughters guest post. Thank you all for sharing your stories and bringing me a bit of encouragement at the start of my new adventure. This one comes from the lovely Kelli McIntosh, a fellow Ohio gal who I had the pleasure of meeting last summer. Enjoy!    … 

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Miss you like crazy

Last week I went back to work. Full time, full throttle, full of bittersweet excitement and nerves. The late night feedings followed by the early morning rush. Kissing two little faces goodbye and saying hello to hundreds of others. It went fine and I survived. They survived. It was business as usual. And, I was… 

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Want to know what it’s like to go out in public when your child uses a wheelchair?

Let’s say you have a clown baby. Now, before I continue, let me be clear: I know this sounds crazy but just go with me for a moment. Use your imagination. You can do it. Okay, like I said, you have a clown baby. By which I mean your baby is dressed like a clown. Your little bundle of joy is sporting… 

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Stitch Fix: Postpartum Edition

Not gonna lie, I was really nervous about getting this first Stitch Fix postpartum in the mail. I don’t care what size you were before you had your baby or what size you are after– your body just did something wicked cool and it’s going to be a while before you feel like yourself again…. 

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Two Months

I don’t want to be dramatic but this is all happening too fast. It’s only been 60 days and she’s already morphed into this very grown-up looking baby. What happened to the skinny little wrinkled up gargoyle that I brought home from the hospital? When I was pregnant with Simeon, a friend told me that… 

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Mothers and Daughters: Raising Sisters

  Some of my favorite bloggers and writers are sharing their stories on mothering daughters and being daughters themselves. As the mom of a newly arrived bit of sugar and spice, I can’t wait to see what insights these ladies have to offer.     ((This weeks post comes from Courtney Bowden)) Did you watch… 

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Kitchen accessibility with the FunPod

So, it turns out that toddlers are allowed at the kitchen counter. I know. I was shocked too. Sometimes I miss the boat when it comes to “typical” toddler things. Not all things, mind you–and usually not the important things–but little things have been known to slip through the cracks around here. For Simeon, the… 

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My Wheelchair is Freedom (Guest Post from Kathleen Downes)

I am so terribly excited to share this post with you today. If your child has a disability, if they may someday need a wheelchair, this is for you. If your child does not use a wheelchair but knows someone who does, this is for you, too. I first read Kathleen Downes’ blog last summer… 

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