“Babies can’t walk” and what it means to be a big boy

“Babies can’t walk. Big brothers can.” The words marched across the page, cold and unfeeling like a barricade. No way around them, no hint of subtlety to their meaning, no chance to rearrange the letters and make them right. I hadn’t expected them– that’s when it’s hardest– so I hid my face and covered my… 

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Milestones and Injuries

I was teaching an energetic bunch of 4th graders when the office called me over the PA system. “Mrs. Smith? Simeon’s nurse is on the phone.” I’ve written about my kid’s fantastic homecare nurses before. They’ll text me during my work day if they have a question or an update, but calling? Simeon’s nurses never… 

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Stitch Fix Maternity – Fall Edition

Maybe it’s the fact that I was freezing cold while taking these photos (I seriously clung to every scrap warmth between camera clicks) or maybe it’s the fact that NONE of my MacGyver-esque wardrobe tricks are working anymore and no rubber band, belly band, or gob of chewed bubble gum can keep my regular pants… 

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The Halloween you didn’t see

So… about that picture perfect Halloween? I feel like I may have led you nice folks astray. After I shared photos of our spooktacular evening and Simeon’s rad costume, everyone was awfully complimentary. You high-fived me for making the night special for my kid. Mother-of-the-year awards were mentioned. Someone even called me an “inspiration” (I… 

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Wheelchair Costume: won’t you be my neighbor?

I did it you guys! After a bit of scheming, one poorly sketched rough draft (you’ve seen my crap-tastic drawing skills first hand), and tons of inspiration from my fellow SB mama, I made our first wheelchair Halloween costume. Because the show is Simeon’s absolute favorite, we decided to go with a “Mr. Rogers Neighborhood”… 

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VBAC or C-Section: on exit strategies and planning the unplannable

When I was pregnant with Simeon, I had all kinds of wild plans for his birth. I read up on labor techniques. I researched Lamaze and hypnobirthing (<—yes, that’s a real thing). I poured over lists of local doulas. I was not messing around. About a year earlier I had seen The Business of Being… 

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GladHatter Giveaway!

You like free stuff, right? You like snuggly stuff, right? You like stuff that keeps your kids’ noggins warm and makes them look so darling you want to squeeze the stuffing out of them, right? Perfect. How about a Giveaway? Two years ago, I discovered that my dear friend Meg had been hiding something from… 

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Two-years-old: a video and an update

I’ve noticed that there are a lot of new visitors to this little space lately and many of you haven’t seen Simeon in action. A video update is in order, don’t you think? When I was pregnant, I scoured the Internet for videos of children with spina bifida. I wanted to see what everyday life… 

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That time the Internet saved my son’s life

After my son’s diagnosis, the Internet and I got very cozy. A large part of my pregnancy was spent surfing around in search of stories like ours until, eventually, it became a daily ritual. I read blogs, I joined a Facebook group and a Baby Center Community board, I sent emails to a few parents, I even started writing our… 

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Journals of shame

My best friend is having a yard sale this weekend and I would kill-a-man to be there and scoop up some of her goods. Since we live on opposite ends of the country (and I don’t have time to fully prep and carry out a homicide, nor am I sure how killing a man would… 

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Big boy bed

I’ve caught the nesting bug. I knew I would catch it eventually. To be honest, my plan was to hold off on starting the baby-prep process while waiting for the bug to bite because (when you get down to it) “nesting” is just a nice way of saying “housework.” Kind of like how “I’m doing… 

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