On learning my daughter can move her legs

My daughter can move her legs. I figured she would. Why wouldn’t she? Lightning doesn’t often strike the same place twice. And by lightning, I mean spina bifida. And by place, I guess I mean… me. I knew she would move her legs. Still, I was not prepared. For the triumphant force of it. For… 

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Greg is flying solo most nights this week. Apparently, teaching + growing a girl human + getting Simeon to all his therapy/doctor/preschool appointments = me falling asleep before dinner and being the least fun mom ever. I'm working on it...

Back to the library

  School started on Monday and things have been a bit quiet around here while I get into the swing of things. Each year, it takes some time for me to remember how I did this working-mom gig. It takes a while for me to remember the answers to all my questions. Seriously– like, how do I find time… 

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His legs are getting pretty long for this thing. Still fits alright everywhere else. We may try to extend that foot-board in the next few months!

Why you need a BUMBO wheelchair

Many of you have seen photos and videos of Simeon tooling around our house in his swanky blue BUMBO-on-wheels. Call it what you want–a BUMBO wheelchair, a baby wheelchair, a souped-up-Sim-speedster–when he puts the pedal to the metal (or the rubber to the road), that thing can really fly. I’ve received a lot of questions… 

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Gender reveal (with a little help from Mother Goose)

Stop the presses. It’s time for a good old-fashioned gender reveal. This baby is made of … (or, in the words of our doctor, we got “the hamburger– not the hotdog.”) Woa. This is going to be an adventure, you guys. We’ve never had a girl baby before. I don’t even know how this works…. 

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Home Makeover: Gray and Green Exterior

Last summer, when our realtor emailed with photos of a “great home” with “loads of potential,” I laughed out loud. The place was a hot mess. Such a mess, in fact, that when I saw the address I figured it was a mistake. This eye-sore was apparently in a nice neighborhood full of tidy houses… 

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Maternity Stitch Fix: round 2

If there’s one time when a pregnant working gal could really use a Stitch Fix pick-me-up, it’s the week before school starts (assuming the pregnant lady is a teacher/librarian and likes getting clothes in the mail– if she likes other stuff, like fishing gear or Tupperware or something peculiar, then she should skip the clothes… 

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New look– same old style

Like a randomly selected audience member on the Oprah Winfrey* show, this blog is getting a MAKEOVER, y’all! Based on nothing in particular, I decided it was time for an update. I’ve got a new swanky layout, a new snazzy logo, and a new lease on life <– that last one is a joke– my… 

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Listen To Your Mother 2014: On Motherhood and Disability

As a last hurrah, of sorts, we’re in Nashville this week visiting family, eating biscuits, and generally lazing about in the Tennessee humidity like overfed skeeters (<—that’s actually a super gross visual but it sounds southern so just go with it). There are only two weeks until I officially return to work and five days… 

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Well, shoot! Did I give my kid a weird name?

Before I begin let me be clear: my son’s name is Simeon. It’s pronounced “SIM-e-un.”   And I really like my kid’s name. I swear we put a lot of thought into it. I said it over and over again in my head. I doodled it. I checked the initials multiple times (because I’m sure there… 

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The troubling side of wheelchair perks and special treatment

We decided to pick up Italian last night. This pregnancy has turned me into quite the lackadaisical chef and so, on nights when I stand too long– staring into the cupboards with glassy eyes, an unbecoming sneer on my face– Greg suggests we find sustenance elsewhere. The place was fast and casual. Order up front,… 

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Brain jokes are funny (and what to do when life hands you bald spots)

Last week my kid had a shunt revision. By which I mean he had brain surgery. Brain surgery isn’t funny. I swear, it’s not. But, since humor is my favorite coping mechanism, I have to work really hard not to make inappropriate jokes during these nail-biting surgeries. Yes, a little brain-humor might make me feel… 

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