Letting go of guilty: on folic acid and spina bifida

I took it from the moment we started trying… I’d been taking it for years… I wasn’t deficient… I couldn’t be… There’s just no way. When your child has spina bifida, you meet plenty of fellow travelers. If you spend time on message boards, if you connect with enough mothers, if you listen in and… 

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Our little girl has a name

And I figured I ought to share it since I keep accidentally typing it every time I refer to the little lady.  I’ve never been much good at secrets anyway… We’re naming her Frances Louise after our maternal Grandmothers. Greg’s”Louise” is a whole lot of sweet and my “Frances” is a big dash of sassy… 

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Go Dad Go: Greg’s First Marathon

Last May, Greg decided he was going to run the Air Force Marathon in Dayton OH and I was all, “Seriously?” I know marathons are a like, a thing. I know regular people do them all the time but something about running or walking or (if the runner were me) limping/whining for 26.2 miles sounds… 

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Learning when (NOT) to talk to strangers about my child’s disability

At five-weeks-old, my son was admitted to the hospital for some testing. He was fussy and I was exhausted, in that glassy-eyed new-mom sort of way, but I remember the day was sunny and we had high hopes for a short stay. I checked us in, signed our paperwork, and watched as the receptionist cooed… 

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20 weeks: halfway there

  Yesterday we had our 20 week ultrasound. Everything looked great. Baby girl is rocking and rolling in there, getting bigger and stronger, just like her brother did. I expected to be more nervous for the appointment than I actually was. This is the same scan that found Simeon’s spina bifida over two years ago… 

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Friday (online) fun day

Hallelujah! We DID it! It’s Friday, you guys! I don’t know about you but over here in Smithville this week felt long. I can’t put my finger on why exactly, I just know that I’ve been looking forward to this day with the same desperate anticipation that my 13-year-old self felt while waiting for the… 

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Oh, the pets you can get (but probably shouldn’t)

I come from a long line of bad pet owners. Growing up, my siblings and I regularly tortured our parents with demands for various species of fish, fowl, and beast. We made promises to love and care for each sought after creature. We wept, gnashed our teeth, and slammed doors. For us, suffering the injustice… 

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Talking to kids about disability (and Voldemort)

This piece originally appeared as a guest post on And Babies Don’t Keep back in November 2013 but it came to mind recently when Simeon and I were out shopping. A little girl (about 7-years-old) wandered over and asked why Simeon was “in that wheelchair.” She was polite and curious but before I could respond, her… 

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What will my daughter look like?: An answer in theories and doodles

Waiting to meet your baby is exasperating. So much anticipation. So much speculation. So much heartburn. There’s just a lot to think about. Specifically, Greg and I have spent quite a bit of time wondering what this new baby will look like. Will she be brown eyed or blue? Straight haired or curly? Blond or… 

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On learning my daughter can move her legs

My daughter can move her legs. I figured she would. Why wouldn’t she? Lightning doesn’t often strike the same place twice. And by lightning, I mean spina bifida. And by place, I guess I mean… me. I knew she would move her legs. Still, I was not prepared. For the triumphant force of it. For… 

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Greg is flying solo most nights this week. Apparently, teaching + growing a girl human + getting Simeon to all his therapy/doctor/preschool appointments = me falling asleep before dinner and being the least fun mom ever. I'm working on it...

Back to the library

  School started on Monday and things have been a bit quiet around here while I get into the swing of things. Each year, it takes some time for me to remember how I did this working-mom gig. It takes a while for me to remember the answers to all my questions. Seriously– like, how do I find time… 

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