Introducing Frances Louise

Introducing the most teeny-tiny perfect snugly soft ladylike pink darling baby-scented little girl on the planet. We are loving every second and every inch of her.    Thank you for your continued thoughts, prayers, and well wishes as we settle into our new routine. Over the next month, I have some lovely writer friends who’ll… 

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A day for becoming someone new

Today is our day. On this day, our daughter will be born. She will be tiny and pink. She will be quiet and loud. She will be so very real– as if she had always been. As if our life before was filled with whispers of her. As if we had known all along. Even… 

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Frances and Simeon’s shared nursery and toddler room

Growing up, I never ever shared a room. My brother, sister, and I each had our own space with our own four walls and our own doors for posting “Keep Out (or else)” signs. I remember looking at my friends in horror when I learned that they actually shared a room with a sibling for… 

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Therapy update: getting into a wheelchair from the floor (video!)

It’s been a while since I’ve shared about Simeon’s progress in physical therapy. The truth is, working on his speech became such a priority last year that I plumb forgot to mention how well the kid is doing in PT. When your child has Spina Bifida, physical therapy becomes a big part of your everyday… 

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Pregnancy Cocktail Recipe (or how to freeze some soda pop)

Twelve days, you guys. Twelve. Days. Barring any surprises, that’s how long I have until Miss. Frances arrives. Like, woah. On New Years Eve I sat down to make some resolutions but after a lot of pondering (by which I mean exactly 30 seconds of halfhearted “thinking” during the Gilmore Girls theme song) I gave… 

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A little Christmas recap (before it’s too late)

Tonight, it’s out with the old and in with the new. Come tomorrow morning the tree will come down (if I can get my act together), the nutcrackers will be packed away in tissue paper (if I can find the time) and things will return to normal. So, before it’s too late, I want to… 

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What happened to all those sweet email reminders?

Hey friends, This is a little test message for all you email subscribing dudes and dudettes. It seems that when I updated my blog back in August, all of my subscribers stopped receiving email updates. I think I’ve found the glitch and so you should begin receiving email updates henceforth and forever more (by which… 

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Merry Christmas. From our family to yours.

Today the virgin gives birth to the Transcendent One And the earth offers a cave to the Unapproachable One. Therefore rejoice, O earth, at the message; With the angels and shepherds give glory to Him, Who shall appear by His own will as a new Child: He Who is from eternity God! – Orthodox Nativity… 

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A surgery update (because that’s Christmassy, right?)

My kid has had an open hole in his neck for 6 months. You heard that right, folks– a straight up hole (or “stoma,” if you’re fancy) leading directly to his lungs. When Simeon was decannulated back in June (read his decannulation story and watch the video HERE) we were told that the trach stoma… 

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Talking about the Nativity and the toy that wins Christmas (a sharing Christmas link up!)

Simeon is noticing Christmas this year– and it’s pretty gosh darn fun. This is our third holiday season as parents, and, while each year has been lovely in its own way, experiencing Christmas when your kid is old enough to actually notice (and care about) all the little details is definitely a step above. Sim… 

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Saying goodbye to my one and only

I’ve been falling asleep in his bed lately. Not every night, not enough to call it habit, but enough that he notices. Enough that he calls out for me long after we tuck him in. Enough that he pats the pillow by his head expectantly, knowing full well that this tiny invitation is one I… 

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